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January 23, 2023

Toronto, Canada – Origen Air, the British Columbia-based clean technology company which received early stage, strategic investments from First Inflection Business Advisors (FIBA), is among 25 Canadian companies to be awarded additional seed funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

These companies are raising the scope of sustainable innovation in Canada across diverse sectorial industries, and those like Origen Air are developing impressive technology solutions that have the potential to deliver significant environmental benefits throughout Canada.

“FIBA is proud of our original partnership with innovators like Origen Air,” says George Yan, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of First Inflection. “We are currently providing Origen Air with business advice, consulting services, and manufacturing facilities as it accelerates its North American expansion.”

Origen Air has developed an industry-first, enhanced plant air purification solution for commercial indoor environments. Their unique combination of bioengineered plants, HEPA filtration and IAQ sensors is a true-green technology.

“Origen Air is on the leading edge of a technological transformation in healthier, indoor air quality throughout North America,” says Yan. “First inflection Business Advisors is excited to continue its role in providing business support for groundbreaking industry leaders like Origen.”

These supports, along with the additional funding from SDTC, will have everyone breathing easier at Origen Air, as the company boldly presses forward with its revolutionary, plant-based air purification systems.

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George Yan
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First Inflection Business Advisors (FIBA) provides seed capital and business expertise targeted to early-stage Canadian technology companies. Its strategy is to co-invest with other accelerators and funding sources and provide expertise in supporting the growth strategies of Canadian start-ups. FIBA’s founding partners have considerable experience in starting and scaling their own companies and look forward to supporting the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.

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