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For Immediate Press Release
August 2, 2022

Toronto, Canada – Canada-based First Inflection Business Advisors (FIBA) is pleased to announce an agreement to accelerate commercialization efforts through significant strategic investment in Origen Air, the BC-based clean technology company. Origen Air has developed an industry-first, enhanced plant air purification solution for commercial indoor environments. Their unique combination of bioengineered plants, HEPA filtration and IAQ sensors is a true-green technology. With recent successful installations across Canada, the Pinnacle™ answers the growing demand for effective healthy building technologies. The fully-automated, free-standing device bridges the gap between high-efficiency air purifiers, modular living walls and data-driven furniture design.

In addition to the investment, FIBA will provide Origen Air with business advisory and consulting services as they accelerate North American expansion.

A Biophilic Air Purifier Designed to Enhance the Indoors

Origen Air’s Pinnacle removes PM 2.5, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and CO2 while producing O2 and balancing relative humidity levels. The Pinnacle’s negative emission technology (NET) collects valuable IAQ data for clients’ seeking to improve Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) ratings. The combination of biophilic design and multi-barrier indoor air purification solutions delivers measurable increases in staff performance, health, and wellness while decreasing rates of absenteeism.

Origen Air has global exclusive distribution rights to the bioengineered golden pothos ivy.


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Contact: George Yan
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First Inflection Business Advisors (FIBA) provides seed capital and business expertise targeted to early-stage Canadian technology companies. Its strategy is to co-invest with other accelerators and funding sources and provide expertise in supporting the growth strategies of Canadian start-ups. FIBA’s founding partners have considerable experience in starting and scaling their own companies and look forward to supporting the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.

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